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Opensource Working Group


  • Develop a series of baseline specifications for Green Software.
  • Ensure that the specifications can be implemented in an interoperable fashion on the computing platforms in widespread use in both developed and developing regions.


Every project runs according to a different cadence, and are open to all members. Links out to slack are member only, for those members that choose to use slack.

Project NameCadence & Calendar Invite
Carbon Aware SDK - GitHub - SlackMeeting every Tuesday 8am BST, meeting link pinned on Slack channel. Started 21st June 2022 Calendar invite
Awesome Green Software - GitHub - SlackTBC
SCI Open Ontology - GitHub - SlackMeeting every alternative Wed, Started 4th May 2022
Carbon CI Pipeline Tooling - GitHub - SlackMeeting every Friday 3pm BST, meeting link pinned on Slack channel. Started 27th May 2022