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  • Develop a series of baseline specifications for Green Software.
  • Ensure that the specifications can be implemented in an interoperable fashion on the computing platforms in widespread use in both developed and developing regions.


Members can use this link to get the calendar invites (Work Email required.)

Project NameCadence & Calendar Invite
Carbon Aware SDK - GitHubMeeting every Tuesday 8am BST, meeting link pinned on Slack channel. Started 21st June 2022 Calendar invite
Awesome Green Software - GitHubNo meeting, takes place async.
SCI Open Ontology - GitHubMeeting every alternative Wed, Started 4th May 2022
Carbon CI Pipeline Tooling - GitHubMeeting bi-weekly Wednesday 3pm BST. Restarted 27th September 2023
Impact Engine Framework - GithubMeeting every Thursday at 1130 UK on Google Meet