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Opensource Working Group


  • Develop a series of baseline specifications for Green Software.
  • Ensure that the specifications can be implemented in an interoperable fashion on the computing platforms in widespread use in both developed and developing regions.

How we work


Proposing a new project

  • To propose a project, we ask that you create a short project document and gather the interest of at least three people from 2 different member organizations.

  • Reach out to the chairs, who will add you to the next working group meeting agenda.

  • If the working group reaches consensus and agrees, your project will be made official and start receiving the support of the Foundation.

  • However, often it requires several conversations with the working group to evolve your project proposal to a version where everyone is comfortable.

  • Once launched, the working group will support you in executing your project and source the resources required from the Foundation and its members.


Chris Lloyd-JonesHead of Open Technologies@Avanade
Dan Lewis-ToakleyGreen Cloud Lead & Senior Developer Consultant@ThoughtWorks